Eco-Stats '15: Technological advances between Ecology and Statistics

8-10 December 2015
UNSW, Sydney, Australia

Ecologists and statisticians have much to gain from working together, and this conference is designed to provide precisely such an opportunity. This conference is a follow-up to the 2013 meeting, and has been designed as a collaborative forum for researchers with interests in ecology, statistics, or both. World leaders from ecology and statistics will be paired up to present their own perspectives on five topical issues, and round-table discussions will workshop opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration on these topics. The conference will start with an optional "Skills-Building Day", a series of computer-based tutorials run across topics spanning the interests of conference speakers. It will also feature a contributed poster evening session where participants can turn the topic of conversation to their own research.

Sessions will be organised around five special topics, with a pair of speakers on each topic:

  • Model-based analysis of metagenomics data in ecology (Douglas Yu, Otso Ovaskainen)
  • Occupancy modelling with imperfect detection (Darryl MacKenzie, Alan Welsh)
  • Analysing counts along stream networks (Bruce Chessman, Jay ver Hoef)
  • Capture-recapture using modern technology (Paul Sunnucks, Rachel Fewster)
  • Estimating biodiversity turnover (Melodie McGeoch, Cang Hui)
  • A fighting framework fight: game theory vs. machine learning for strategic behaviour during animal combat (Michael Kasumovic, Daniel Falster)

Before the conference kicks off we are offering a two-day short course for ecologists "Intro to regression modelling on R", December 6-7 at UNSW. For more advanced analysts, Noel Cressie is offering "Spatio-Temporal Statistical Modelling" down the road at Circular Quay, the day before the conference (December 7).

Already coming to the Symposium? Visit the Study Blog for a suggested reading list and weekly discussion forums on feature articles by our invited speakers.

Study blog

Already coming? Want to study up on our speakers and what they will talk about? Visit our Study blog for a suggested reading list and weekly discussion forums on feature articles by our invited speakers.

Enrol in a pre-conference workshop

"Intro to regression modelling on R" for ecologists, December 6-7 at UNSW, register now.

"Spatio-Temporal Statistical Modelling" at Circular Quay, December 7, by Noel Cressie and Andrew Zammit Mangion, NIASRA.

This symposium is hosted at UNSW in Sydney by the Eco-Stats research group at the UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre.

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