Welcome to Eco-stats: the UNSW Ecological Statistics Research Group

About Eco-stats

The Eco-Stats Research Group is a team of statistics researchers and students led by David Warton who specialise in ecological statistics — improving the methods for making use of data to answer research questions commonly asked in ecology.

We evaluate existing methodologies, explore the application of modern methods that are often little-known to ecologists, and where needed we develop entirely new statistical methodology, with an emphasis on model-based approaches (which are usually easier to interpret and which often have optimality properties).

We are based in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW, but our members are also affiliated with the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, the School of Computer Science and Engineering, and the Centre for Ecosystem Science.

We are supported by the Australian Research Council, with over $3M in ARC funding in the last decade.

We are hosting the 2020 International Statistical Ecology Conference in Sydney, June 22-26 2020. See Events for other relevant conferences, and some previous events we have organised.


Contact us

Phone: +61 2 9385-7031
Fax: +61 2 9385-7123
E-mail: David.Warton(at)unsw.edu.au

Red Centre room 2052
(David's office)
Red Centre room 6103
(Eco-Stats office)

School of Mathematics and Statistics
UNSW Sydney

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