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Clockwise from bottom-left: Eve Slavich, Ben Maslen, John Wilshire, Gordana Popvic, Loic Thibaut, David Warton, Rob Nguyen. MIA: Elliot Dovers, Mitch Lyons, Jakub Stoklosa.


Current Eco-stats group members

David Warton
Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow
Jakub Stoklosa
Lecturer (2017-), Modern regression methods for big data in ecology.
Mitchell Lyons
Research Associate (2015-), Modern methods for vegetation mapping and classification (with David Keith, Jane Elith and Stuart Phinn).
Gordana Popovic
Research Associate (2018-), Modelling species interaction using covariance selection.
Loic Thibaut
Research Associate (2018-), Resampling multivariate mixed effects models, the 'nuglmm' package.
Eve Slavich
Stats Central consultant (2017-), Topoclimate modelling, and the block bootstrap
Elliot Dovers
PhD Student (2017-), Point models for multi-species point event data.
Robert Nguyen
PhD Student (2017-), Statistics for AFL.
Ben Maslen
Honours Student (2017), Stats Central consultant (2018-) Sample size determination for studies using multivariate abundance data.
John Wilshire
Programming guru (2017-), Adding functionality to the mvabund package.

Recent Collaborators

Jim Thorson (NOAA, USA), David Harris (Florida), James Hensman (Lancaster)
Comparison of methods for fitting log-Gaussian Cox process models.
Jay verHoef (NOAA, USA), Erin Peterson (QUT)
Modelling clustered point event data along stream networks.
Francis Hui (ANU), Sara Taskinen (Jyvaskyla) and John Ormerod (UNSW Sydney)
Fast maximum likelihood algorithms to fit latent variable models to discrete data.
Otso Ovaskainen (Helsinki), Guillaume Blanchet (McMasters), Steve Walker (McMasters), Francis Hui (ANU), Sara Taskinen (Jyvaskyla)
Latent variable modelling for discrete data.
David Keith (UNSW), Jane Elith (Melbourne), Stuart Phinn (UQ)
Model-based approaches to vegetation classification.
Yi Wang (Hong Kong Baptist)
The PIT-trap for residual resampling of discrete data.
Nigel Andrew (U. New England) and Heloise Gibb (La Trobe)
Climate change effects on communities
Chris Daly (Oregon State, USA) and Scott Foster (CSIRO-CI, Hobart)
Species distribution modelling with error in climatic predictor variables
Jane Elith (Melbourne), Adrian Baddeley (UWA), Trevor Hastie and Will Fithian (Stanford, USA), Steven Phillips (Boulder, CO, USA)
Point process modelling in ecology
Trevor Hastie (Stanford, USA) and Bill Shipley (Sherbrooke, Canada)
Regression approaches to trait modelling
Bob O'Hara (Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre, Frankfurt, Germany)
Incorporating species interactions into species distribution models
Miguel Araujo (National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid)
Community-level Model Selection
Sara Taskinen (U. Jyvaskyla, Finland)
Robust Estimation and Inference for Allometry, model-based ordination
Shirley Pledger (U. Victoria, Wellington) and Scott Foster (CSIRO-CI, Hobart)
Model-based ordination
Daniel Ramp and John Gollen (UTS, UNSW), Mick Ashcroft (Aust. Museum)
Regional Responses of Biodiversity to Climate Change
Scott Foster and Pies Dunstan (CSIRO-CI, Hobart)
Mixture-of-regression models for ecology
Angela Moles (BEES, UNSW)
Global Patterns in Plant Herbivory

Eco-Stats Alumni (recent members)

Wesley Brooks
Research Associate (2015-17), Efficient estimation of point process models.
Last seen: Sailing into the sunset!
Francis Hui
PhD Student (2012-2014), Mixture-of-regression models in ecology.
Last seen: Statistics lecturer at the Australian National University
Ian Renner
PhD student (2009-12), Research Associate (2013-14), Presence-only species distribution modelling.
Last seen: Statistics lecturer at the University of Newcastle
Yi (Alice) Wang
Research Associate (2009-2012), the mvabund R package, resampling non-normal data.
Last seen: Computer Science lecturer at Dongguan University of Technology
Benedicte Madon
Research Associate (2010-2011), Community-based model selection.
Last seen: Environmental consultant, France
Alexandra Brown
Honours Student (2010), Research Assistant (2011), Invertebrate assemblage modeling.
Last seen: Graduate student at Harvard University
Luke Wilson
M. Stat. student (2011), the LASSO in community-level modelling.
Last seen: Working at the Commonwealth Bank
Stephen Wright
Research Assistant (2009-2010), Mean-variance confounding
Last seen: Biostatistics postdoctoral researcher, UTS
Michael McLean
M. Stat. student (2009) GLMM for multivariate abundance data.
Last seen: Working at Finity Consulting
Ulrike Naumann
Research Associate (2007-2008), The mvabund package for R.
Last seen: Statistician at King's college, London
Leah Shepherd
Hons student (2008), Point process models for species distribution.
Last seen: Biostatistician at University College, London
Lester Tsang
MSc student (2005-2007, 2009-2011). Resampling-based hypothesis testing.
Last seen: Writing a paper on bootstrap-based hypothesis testing

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